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TidBits AR is a small family owned business that thrives on helping others. I, the owner, Amanda Velazquez, really wanted to do something special for my older sister on her birthday in 2019 and I was searching the internet and found these custom tumblers and was instantly amazed. Let me go ahead and insert that I have ALWAYS loved cups! My house is constantly full of different ones that I just had to have, I love kitchen appliances in general, but cups are a lifelong love. Now, back to the story, I did not have time to fully research all of the ins and outs of proper cup etiquette, so my first cup never fully cured and is still soft to this day. *yikes* but my sister refuses to let me redo it or throw it away. So, for any of you cup makers or crafters that are thinking that you don't have what it takes to succeed, YES YOU DO! I continued on and didn't give up and now I am not only creating beautiful work for others I am able to add new items to my store frequently. This did not all come easy though, I did cups for a little over a year and then we bought a home and had a lot of renovations that needed to be done so it started to take its toll and we had to slow down the business, never fully closing, but taking a step back to re-evaluate things while we were getting settled and working on our home. During this time tragedy struck and I began battling depression and anxiety after losing my brother, this affected me in ways I never saw coming. I mean, when does losing someone you love so much ever come easy right? It took me a long time to bounce back from this and a lot of work emotionally and physically and with the help of God and others I was able to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. I tell you this because if it helps just one person to know that it is still possible through the bad times then my mission is accomplished. It took time and work but now we are growing and bringing more PIZAZZ to our store and we are so stoked about the new items we will be offering you!

    Let me move this story to a happier place and tell you about our "Angel Fund". This was set up to bring Random Acts Of Kindness (R.O.A.K) to not only people in our local community but others not in our area. Although we are still finding ourselves as a business we have found this to be an important part of our growth. We were advised against this since we were a new business and this is something that is typically done after years of being open but God spoke to us in ways some would never understand and told us it would be okay, as it has been. I have always loved to see the happiness in others and next to having my family this has been the biggest joy to me, giving back to others. This would have never been possible without my customers and it is all of you that make this dream a reality, I cannot thank you enough for your support of our small business and for helping us help others. 

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 The Angel Fund takes 10% from every sale and adds it to an account for the sole purpose of distributing Random Acts of Kindness. Donations are always accepted and accompanied with a card that includes information on it about our fund. Follow us on: 

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